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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Let me start


I started in company (Pinstorm)(Mahesh Murthy) on 21st December. Pinstorm is a search engine-driven marketing company. When I joined my company, we were total of 6 people with only me in Development. Our Office was situated opposite to Juhu. Then we moved to our new office place at Bandra (Pali Naka). Things started changing. Many new people joined us in Tech, Marketing team. We have or own Tech room now. Office place is great. Great enviornment and great location for Bird Watching. ;) Now a days i am quite busy with Internal project stuff and a online hotel reservation system. In recent past i(we) have created campaigns for Monster,Sun,Cry and many others.

This was a brief abt me. Wat abt u guys/gals???


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